How Big are Southwest Airlines Seats?

How Big are Southwest Airlines Seats?

Regarding air travel, the size and comfort of seats play a significant role in the passenger experience. Southwest Airlines, a popular low-cost carrier, understands the importance of providing a comfortable seating experience for its passengers.

How Big are Southwest Airlines Seats?

Read on to have a better understanding of the dimensions and features of Southwest Airlines seats. 

Having this knowledge can help passengers make informed decisions and ensure a comfortable journey.

Let’s delve into the details and discover the seat dimensions and amenities provided by Southwest Airlines.

How Big are Southwest Airlines Seats?

Southwest Airlines offers a variety of aircraft in its fleet, and seat dimensions can vary slightly depending on the specific aircraft type. However, on average, Southwest Airlines’ seats have a standard width and pitch:

Seat Width

The seat width on Southwest Airlines is typically around 17 to 17.8 inches. While this width is considered standard in the industry, it may vary slightly based on the specific aircraft model.

Seat Pitch

The seat pitch, which refers to the distance between two points on seats, is generally between 31 to 32 inches.

This measurement determines the legroom available to passengers. Southwest Airlines provides a comfortable seat pitch for reasonable legroom during flights.

Additional Seat Features

In addition to seat width and pitch, Southwest Airlines provides several features to enhance passenger comfort:

1. Recline Function

Southwest Airlines’ seats have a modest recline function, allowing passengers to adjust their seatbacks slightly for added comfort during the flight.

2. Adjustable Headrests

Many of Southwest’s aircraft offer adjustable headrests, providing support and comfort for passengers during their journey.

3. Seatback Pockets 

Each seat is equipped with a seatback pocket, allowing passengers to store belongings, reading materials, or electronic devices within easy reach.

4. Armrests and Tray Tables 

Southwest Airlines‘ seats are equipped with armrests for added comfort and convenience. Tray tables are also available, allowing passengers to enjoy in-flight meals or use their personal devices.


Extra Comfort Seat Options on Southwest 

While Southwest Airlines does not have a designated premium class or business class, the airline does offer additional seating options for passengers seeking extra comfort:

Business Select 

Passengers who choose Southwest’s Business Select fare have the option to board early, ensuring priority access to seats and overhead bin space. 

This provides an opportunity to select preferred seats with additional legroom.

Upgraded Boarding

Southwest offers an Upgraded Boarding option, allowing passengers to secure a position in the “A” group during boarding. This gives them a higher likelihood of selecting desired seats with extra legroom.

Take away

Southwest Airlines strives to provide a comfortable flying experience for its passengers.

While seat dimensions may vary slightly depending on the aircraft type, Southwest’s seats generally have a standard width and pitch. 

The airline offers additional comfort options such as Business Select and Upgraded Boarding to accommodate passengers seeking extra legroom and preferred seating. 

Travelers can look forward to a pleasant journey with Southwest Airlines.

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