How Wide are the Seats on Southwest Airlines?

How Wide are the Seats on Southwest Airlines?

Welcome aboard Southwest Airlines, where comfort takes flight! Imagine yourself sinking into a seat that embraces you with ample space and freedom. Lets look into to the pressing question: How wide are the seats on Southwest Airlines?, delving into the realm of Southwest’s seat width, where generous dimensions transform your journey into a cozy affair. 

How Wide are the Seats on Southwest Airlines?

Get ready to bid farewell to cramped spaces and embrace the luxury of extra inches.

From standard seat widths that make a difference to legroom that lets you stretch out, Southwest Airlines is here to redefine your in-flight comfort. 

Buckle up and discover a world where wide seats take center stage.

How Wide are the Seats on Southwest Airlines?

Comfort is key as long as air travel is concerned. We all want to enjoy our journey without feeling cramped or confined.

That’s why choosing an airline with spacious seating can make a world of difference. Let’s look into how wide Southwest Airlines’ seats are.

Southwest Airlines understands the importance of passenger comfort, which is why they offer generous seat widths across their fleet. On Southwest, you’ll find seats with a width ranging from 17 to 17.8 inches.

While this may not sound overly spacious, it is important to note that Southwest’s seating arrangement provides a more open and airy feel compared to other airlines.

What sets Southwest Airlines apart is their unique seating configuration. Their seating arrangement is “2-3” which means there are two seats on one side of the aisle and three on the other side. 

This arrangement allows for wider aisles, which creates a sense of openness and makes it easier to move around the cabin. So, even if the seat width isn’t the widest in the industry, the overall experience feels more spacious.

Why is Southwest Seat Width Unique?

Below are the properties that make the seat width of Southwest Airlines unique

Comfortable Cushions

Beyond seat width, Southwest Airlines focuses on providing comfortable seating for its passengers.

The seats are equipped with ample cushioning, designed to provide support and prevent discomfort during your journey.

Whether you’re flying for a short domestic hop or a longer international trip, the cushioned seats will help keep you comfortable throughout your flight.

Space for Legroom

While discussing seat width, it’s worth mentioning the legroom Southwest Airlines offers. Legroom is an essential factor in ensuring a comfortable flight experience.

Fortunately, Southwest understands this and provides generous legroom across its fleet. With an average seat pitch of 32 to 33 inches, you’ll have ample space to stretch your legs and relax during your flight.


Embracing Inclusivity

Southwest Airlines also takes into consideration the needs of passengers with specific requirements.

They have designated seating options for passengers with disabilities and offer assistance to ensure their travel is comfortable and stress-free.

Southwest’s commitment to inclusivity extends to passengers of all sizes, and its customer-oriented approach makes them a popular choice for a wide range of travelers.


When it comes to flying comfortably, Southwest Airlines offers a pleasant experience.

While their seat widths may not be the widest in the industry, their unique seating configuration and emphasis on passenger comfort create a more spacious and enjoyable journey.

With cushioned seats, ample legroom, and a commitment to inclusivity, Southwest Airlines continues to prioritize the well-being of its passengers.

When booking your flight, it’s essential to consider your personal comfort preferences. While Southwest Airlines strives to provide spacious seating, each individual has their own comfort requirements.

If seat width is a priority for you, it’s worth considering upgrading to Southwest’s Business Select or EarlyBird Check-In options, which offer earlier boarding and the ability to select your preferred seat.

So, on your next trip, consider flying with Southwest Airlines, Sit back and enjoy the journey in comfort.

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