10 Best Credit Cards with High Limits and No Annual Fees

10 Best Credit Cards With High Limits and No Anual Fees

Having the best credit cards with high limits is a beautiful thing, and almost everybody wants to have it, especially with the luxury one can acquire with it.

It will interest you to know that most credit card companies will assign you a credit limit when you open a new account. However, this line of credit can range from $200 to tens of thousands of dollars, and you can’t spend more than your limit in most situations.

You can get a higher limit on almost every credit card if you have a strong or exceptional credit score and a steady income, although some high-limit cards have a $5,000 or greater minimum ceiling.

Let’s look at how to get a high-limit credit card, as well as the top high-limit credit cards and possibilities for people who don’t yet qualify.

Best Credit Cards with High Limits and No Annual Fees

A high-limit credit card can boost your purchasing power, improve your credit, and provide financial security. At the same time, they can be difficult to find if you don’t know where to look.

Continue reading for our recommendations for the finest high-limit credit cards, as well as advice on how to put yourself in the best position to obtain one.

1. Chase Sapphire Reserve®

The Chase Sapphire Reserve® provides a high minimum credit limit of $10,000 as well as numerous bonuses that enhance value.

New cardholders can earn 80,000 extra points after spending $4,000 on purchases in the first three months, and points are worth 50% more when redeemed for travel through the Chase Ultimate Rewards® portal. In addition, cardholders receive a $300 annual travel credit.

The card has a $550 annual charge, but there are various other significant benefits that can help offset it.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Significant sign-up bonusLarge annual fee
Flexible travel creditGood credit is required.
Competitive travel and dining incentivesThe bonus reward rate on travel only applies after the travel credit has been used.
Large potential savings on Lyft and DoorDash purchasesThe benefits of Lyft and DoorDash may not be appealing to everyone.
Over 1,300 airport lounges are available to you.
Credit for TSA PreCheck or Global Entry fees to help you get through airport security queues faster.

2. Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card 

The Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card offers a $5,000 minimum credit line, although we’ve heard that credit limits on this card can reach $100,000. Just keep in mind that getting a credit limit at the top of the range is uncommon.

Even if you don’t have that super-high limit, you can still benefit from the card’s amazing perks. New cardholders can receive 60,000 bonus points after spending $4,000 on purchases during the first three months after opening their account.

When redeemed via a travel transfer partner, the bonus can be worth $1,308, according to Credit Karma’s point assessments.

The card has a $95 annual charge.

Pros and Cons

Significant sign-up bonusThere is no access to airport lounges.
A small annual feeThere will be no credit for TSA PreCheck or Global Entry application fees.
Excellent reward rates for travel and restaurant eating
Excellent travel redemption bonus
Excellent travel insurance
There are no foreign transaction costs.

3. Citi® Double Cash Card 

This card has a very modest minimum credit limit of $500, however, Credit Karma user ratings and other reports indicate that following credit limit hikes, you may be able to achieve limits closer to $10,000, or even $40,000 or higher.

The Citi® Double Cash Card, regardless of credit limit, offers clear rewards with the option to earn 2% back on all transactions: 1% when you use the card and 1% when you pay your bill. There is also no annual charge.

4. Chase Freedom Unlimited®

The Chase Freedom Unlimited® has a $500 minimum credit limit, but if you’re approved for the Visa Signature® version of the card, the maximum is at least $5,000.

Aside from those minimums, this card provides other ways to earn cashback. You can get 5% back on Chase Ultimate Rewards® travel, 3% back on restaurant and drugstore purchases, and 1.5% back on all other transactions.

Furthermore, the card has a $0 annual fee that will not reduce your earnings.

5. Petal® 2 Visa® Credit Card

If you’re unsure if you’ll be able to qualify for any of the rewards cards on our list, the Petal® 2 Visa® Credit Card may be able to help you develop credit while also providing a higher credit limit.

This card specifies both its minimum and maximum credit limits; if authorized, your credit limit will range between $300 and $10,000.

Furthermore, you may see if you’re pre-approved for the card on the Petal website without altering your credit scores; but, pre-approval does not ensure approval once you actually apply.

If approved, this card allows you to establish credit without paying any fees (apart from any interest that may accrue if you carry a balance).

You can also get cash back; all cardholders receive at least 1% back on all eligible purchases, with the rate increasing to 1.5% after 12 on-time payments.

Pros and Cons

Apply even if you have no credit history.Purchase APRs can be rather high.
Credit limits of up to $10,000 are available.People who have had credit problems may not be eligible.
Aside from interest payments, there are no costs.
Provides a financial management tool
All purchases earn cash back benefits, which grow when you pay on time.

6. U.S. Bank Secured Visa® Card

A secured credit card can be a good way to develop credit, but the amount of your security deposit frequently determines your credit limit.

The deposit for the U.S. Bank Secured Visa® Card can range from $300 to $5,000 in order to establish your credit line.

While the higher end of the range may not be appropriate for everyone trying to develop credit, it does allow flexibility if you can afford the deposit.

This card doesn’t have many extra features, but it doesn’t have an annual fee, and you can set your own payment due date.

7. Discover It® Student Cash Back

Students who qualify for this card and want to start building credit can earn a $500 credit limit.

Student credit cards aren’t recognized for having the largest credit limits when compared to other types of cards, but the minimum limit on this card provides some clarity.

Students who are authorized for Discover it® Student Cash Back can also look forward to a slew of other benefits.

The card has no annual fee and offers 5% back on purchases up to $1,500 (then 1% back) in quarterly rotating categories that must be activated. Other purchases yield 1% cash back.

Furthermore, the Discover It® Student Cash Back program waives the late fee on the first missed payment.

8. The World of Hyatt Credit Card

While Hyatt does not have a large network of locations in comparison to other chains, the value provided by The World of Hyatt Credit Card is exceptional. 

If you are a frequent Hyatt traveler, the yearly price will be readily covered by a combination of high point redemption values, delicious perks, and one free night stay every year.

Pros and Cons

On the anniversary of your card, you will receive an annual free night certificate.There are only a few properties available.
World of Hyatt Discoverist status is provided at no cost.Apart from Hyatt establishments, there are no acceptable redemption alternatives.
Redeeming points at a high valueRegularly high APR
a hefty welcome bonusThere is no introductory APR offer.

9. Prime Visa

The 5% rewards rate is fantastic for existing Prime members who frequently shop at Amazon and Whole Foods.

To sweeten the situation even further, the Prime Visa card comes with a 2% rewards category as well as Visa Signature features.

Pros and Cons

All Amazon and Whole Foods purchases get 5% cash back.Amazon Prime subscription is required.
There is no spending requirement for the welcome bonus.There is no 0% introductory APR.
There are no foreign transaction costs.Purchases outside the bonus categories earn little cash back.
Travel and shopping insurance

10. Capital One QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Credit Card

If you have less-than-perfect credit and wish to enhance it, the Capital One QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Credit Card does the work and allows you to raise your available credit line.

You won’t get a high limit right away, but after six months of on-time payments, Capital One will automatically consider you for a higher credit limit.

Cardholders on myFICO® Forums report that using your Capital One card on a regular basis and paying off your balance in full each month is the best approach to ensuring you have access to a greater credit limit.

According to one member, cardholders may receive a $100 boost after the second or third billing statement.

Once your score improves, you can apply for one of the cards indicated above or upgrade to another Capital One card.

Pros and Cons

Every purchase earns you an unlimited 1.5% cash back.Annual cost of $39
You can get cash back at any moment and for any amount.Variable in abundance APR
There is no cost for purchases made outside of the United States.There is no welcome bonus.


A balance transfer credit card might be a valuable asset in your debt-reduction arsenal.

A credit card with a 0% APR can save you money by directing all of your payments toward reducing the main balance rather than paying interest charges.

When determining which balance transfer card is best for you, consider the cost, the amount of debt you want to transfer, and the number of months it will take to pay off the payment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What credit card has a $ 100,000 limit?

The Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card has the highest recorded limit, which some claim is $100,000. The First Tech Odyssey RewardsTM World Elite Mastercard®, a credit union rewards card, likewise advertises a maximum credit limit of $100,000.

Can I get a credit card with a $5000 limit?

Visa Signature-branded credit cards, such as the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, often have a $5,000 or higher starting credit limit.

How do I get a credit limit of $10,000?

The higher your income, the better your chances of obtaining a new card with a large initial credit limit. Similarly, paying off your debt increases your chances.

Can I get a $ 50,000 credit card?

While there are no credit cards with a $50,000 minimum credit limit, there are plenty with $5,000 or $10,000 minimum credit limits that many people claim to have received $50,000 or more from. 

How much is the credit card limit?

The available credit limit is the amount of credit available on your card for purchasing after deducting all previous purchases at that moment. So, on a card with a total credit limit of Rs 50,000, if you have already spent Rs 15,000, your available credit limit is Rs 35,000.

What is the highest credit limit for Chase Freedom?

The minimum limit appears to be $300, with a maximum limit of roughly $20,000, while one reviewer reported obtaining an initial limit of $24,000. Credit Karma’s graph depicts users’ reported credit limitations.

What is the minimum credit limit for American Express?

The minimum credit limit with American Express is $1,000. In general, a $10,000 limit will be provided to you based on your record. You might have a greater limit, such as $20-30,000.

How much can I use on a $2,000 credit limit?

Experts advise maintaining your credit use below 30% of your available credit, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. So, if your main source of credit is a credit card with a $2,000 limit, you should keep your balance under $600.

How much should I spend on a $5,000 credit limit?

On a credit card with a $5,000 credit limit, aim for a maximum of $500 to $1,500. Hot Tip: Your credit card limit or recommended utilization ratio should not be confused with your spending budget.

What is the limit on the American Express Gold Card?

The American Express Gold card has no specified spending limit (NPSL). This means that your monthly spending capacity is influenced by your previous spending patterns, income, payment history, and other criteria. 

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