What are the American Express Platinum Card Benefits?

What Are the American Express Platinum Card Benefits?

One of the most commonly used cards that influential and high-ranking people in society like to have is the American Express Platinum Card. Its benefits are above the roof. If you want to find out about the benefits of the American Express Platinum Card, this article is for you.

For many travelers, the annual charge of $695 (see rates and fees) is well worth the generous features and the potential to earn significant, transferable American Express Membership Rewards points.

The current public offer for the Amex Platinum card is 80,000 enrollment Rewards Points after spending $8,000 on purchases within the first six months of card enrollment.

While this is an outstanding welcome bonus, you should check the CardMatch tool for targeted deals.

In the past, we’ve seen Amex Platinum incentives of 125,000 points floating around (those offers are subject to change without notice).

What are the American Express Platinum Card Benefits?

Beyond the initial bonus, the Amex Platinum’s recurring benefits can be even more useful, including yearly statement credits of up to $1,400—or more if you use them to their full potential.

Below are a number of benefits that accompany the American Express Platinum Card.

1. 80,000-Point Welcome Bonus

New customers who have never held the Platinum Card from American Express before are eligible for an additional 80,000 Membership Rewards points.

However, in order to qualify for this welcome incentive, you must spend at least $6,000 on your card during the first six months after account setup.

This incentive alone is worth $800 when used for flights or $560 when redeemed through American Express Travel for prepaid hotels, automobiles, or cruises.

As a result, if you can spend the required amount on the card within the first six months, you’ll be well on your way to making the card worthwhile in its first year.

2. TSA PreCheck or Global Entry Credit

Standing in crowded airport security lines might make your trip feel more frantic. The American Express Platinum Card offers cardholders a statement credit of $100 for Global Entry membership or $85 for TSA PreCheck.

You can only get credit for one program, and you must use your AmEx Platinum Card to apply for membership and pay the application fee.

This advantage is only available for either program’s five-year plans, and you can only collect the credit every 4.5 years for TSA PreCheck or every four years for Global Entry.

3. $189 Clear Plus Credit

Another way to bypass airport security queues is to use your AmEx Platinum Card, which provides a statement credit of up to $189 for an annual membership fee to Clear Plus when applied to your card.

Your Clear membership can help verify your identification at some airports in the United States by using fingerprints and eye scans.

4. Uber and Uber Eats Credits

Cardholders can earn up to $200 in Uber credits every year, making commuting and dining easier.

Whether you’re visiting a new location or spending the night at home, these credits have you covered.

5. Exclusive Access to Events

Through the American Express Experiences program, you can gain entry to popular events, concerts, and sports.

The Platinum Card provides you access to a world of entertainment, from front-row seats to backstage credentials.

6. No Foreign Transaction Fees

Travel the world without having to pay foreign transaction fees, allowing you to make overseas transactions without paying additional expenses.

7. $200 Airline Fee Credit

Another benefit worth considering if you travel frequently is the $200 yearly airline fee credit.

The credit applies to incidental costs such as in-flight purchases or baggage fees paid with your Platinum Card on your preferred qualified carrier.

You must choose your favorite airline ahead of time to be eligible for the credit. Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Hawaiian Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Spirit Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and United Airlines are among the qualifying airlines.

8. $300 Equinox and SoulCycle Credits

Stay physically and financially active with up to $300 in Equinox fitness club statement credits.

This benefit applies to Equinox+ digital subscriptions and club memberships; simply charge your fees to your Platinum Card.

If you use your card to buy a SoulCycle at-home bike, you can also get a $300 statement credit.

9. Airport Lounge Access

Avid travelers have access to over 1,400 airport lounges in 650 destinations worldwide and counting.

Gain access to a variety of airport lounge networks, such as The Centurion Lounge and Escape Lounge, Delta Sky Club, and Lufthansa Lounge.

Delta, on the other hand, has announced measures that may limit some cards’ access to Delta Sky Clubs.

Apart from the ability to relax in a nice environment, these lounges frequently offer self-service food and beverages, as well as free services like showers and Wi-Fi.

10. $155 Walmart+ Credit

The annual $155 in statement credits for your Walmart+ membership can result in cost savings both online and in-store.

Use your membership to receive free shipping on online items as well as free same-day grocery delivery.

This benefit includes the $12.95 monthly Walmart+ membership charge as well as any applicable taxes. Your membership fee must be charged to your AmEx Platinum Card to be eligible.


The American Express Platinum Card provides value in a variety of ways, but the central feature that sets it apart is the long list of travel and shopping credits that the card provides.

The table below summarizes the net value of benefits a user might gain when taking full advantage of these benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is American Express Platinum the highest card?

The card also earns 5x points on flights purchased directly from the airline or through Amex Travel (up to $500,000 per year) and on prepaid hotel reservations made through Amex Travel. 

What is the limit on the American Express Platinum Card?

Your Consumer or Business Green, Gold, or Platinum Card does not have a credit limit. Unless you have been previously notified, your Card does not have a pre-set spending limit.

What does American Express credit card Platinum mean?

The Platinum card is designed for frequent travelers. It offers additional travel benefits than the Gold card. Rewards points can be redeemed for items, gift cards, dining, shopping, entertainment, or use on the American Express travel website. 

What card do billionaires use?

The most renowned credit cards are the invitation-only American Express Centurion® Card (Amex Black Card), the American Express Platinum Card®, and the Chase Sapphire Reserve® card. All three cards demand applicants to fulfill high income and/or expenditure requirements in order to be approved.

Which Amex is better, gold or platinum?

If you’re more concerned with the advantages, the Platinum is a must-have for the high roller looking to travel in style. The Gold, on the other hand, is a bigger earner and a worthy travel companion, with 4x points on restaurants internationally (and at US supermarkets).

How do you qualify for American Express Platinum?

To qualify for The Platinum Card® from American Express, you must have a good to excellent credit score. Terms and conditions apply. Before applying for the card, you must have a credit score of at least 690.

Is it hard to get an American Express Platinum card?

Yes, getting the American Express Platinum card is difficult because candidates must have a 700+ credit score and a significant salary to be approved.

Can I buy a car with my American Express Platinum Card?

Cardholders of American Express’s Platinum Card® or any other type of Amex member can test out the American Express Auto Purchasing Program, which connects you to dealers who accept American Express and allows you to charge $2,000 or more toward a car purchase on your Amex card.

Is Amex Black or Platinum higher?

The Black Card contains a $10,000 initial charge, a $5,000 annual cost, and numerous travel benefits. The Platinum Card offers a $695 annual fee and various travel-related benefits, as well as the ability to earn points for every dollar spent. Aside from the Black and Platinum cards, American Express offers a total of 17 other cards.

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