Does Southwest Airlines Fly to Europe?

Does Southwest Airlines fly to Europe?

Lots of times, questions like “Does Southwest Airlines fly to Europe?” have been raised owing to their exceptional service. Are you looking to embark on an unforgettable European adventure with Southwest Airlines? We’re about to find out the possibility of that. 

Does Southwest Airlines fly to Europe?

With Southwest’s reputation for affordable fares and exceptional service, it’s only natural to wonder if they’ve expanded their wings across the Atlantic. 

Join us as we explore the world of Southwest Airlines and discover whether they’ve extended their reach to the enchanting cities of Europe. 

Does Southwest Airlines Fly to Europe? 

First, let’s understand Southwest airline’s primary operations and destinations. Southwest Airlines primarily operates within the United States. 

It has an extensive domestic route network, serving numerous cities across the country.

If you’re planning a trip within the U.S., Southwest Airlines can be a great choice, with its affordable fares and convenient connections.

Unlike some other major airlines, Southwest’s international route network is more limited. 

Southwest’s international flights mainly navigate destinations in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.

Southwest’s Boeing 737 fleet is not suitable for long journeys over the Atlantic. 

Even though the Boeing 737 MAX series can fly to some routes, it doesn’t have the fuel efficiency or passenger capacity of a larger aircraft meant for long flights

If Southwest must consider abroad flights, it would have to invest in new aircraft, which will require huge capital investment.

Also, Southwest Airlines does not cater food for longer flights. They only provide snacks which will not be enough to sustain passengers.

However, since Southwest Airlines does not fly to Europe, they run partnerships with other international airlines through code-share agreements.

Through these partnerships, customers can book a Southwest flight to a gateway city in the U.S., and then connect to an international partner airline for their European destination

This allows Southwest passengers to access European destinations indirectly

Note that separate check-in may be required when booking a Southwest flight to Europe. Also, remember to check the policies and procedures for baggage transfer when booking.


Currently, Southwest Airlines does not offer direct flights to Europe. However, the airline partners with international airlines that can connect you to European destinations. 

If your travel plans involve Europe, exploring alternative airlines with direct flights may be a more suitable option as Southwest Airlines doesn’t have such capacity yet.

However, it is worth noting that airlines evolve and introduce new routes over time, responding to market demands. 

In that light, Southwest may consider expanding its international reach in the future, potentially including European destinations. Hope this answers your question- “Does Southwest Airlines fly to Europe? “

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