Does Southwest Airlines fly to Canada?

Does Southwest Airlines fly to Canada?

Does Southwest Airlines fly to Canada? Known for its exceptional service and affordable fares, this renowned airline has captured the hearts of travelers across the United States. Southwest Airlines is a United States-based airline that is known for its extensive domestic flight travel.

Does Southwest Airlines fly to Canada?

Southwest Airlines operates within the United States, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.

However, despite its extensive domestic network, Southwest Airlines hasn’t spread its wings to Canada just yet. 

Does Southwest Airlines Fly to Canada?

While Southwest Airlines may not have direct flights to Canada, don’t worry! There are several alternative airline options available to help you reach your Canadian destinations.

Here are a few popular options you might want to consider:

Air Canada

Air Canada is the largest airline in Canada. Air Canada offers extensive domestic and international routes, including flights to various U.S. cities. 

They have a comprehensive network that can connect you to multiple destinations in Canada.

Delta Airlines

Delta is a major U.S. airline with a powerful presence in both the United States and Canada. They operate flights to several Canadian cities, by so doing, making it a convenient option for travelers seeking to cross the border.

American Airlines

Another prominent airline in the United States is American Airlines, which also serves various Canadian destinations. 

They have a wide range of flights that can help you reach your desired location within Canada.

United Airlines

United Airlines is another airline that offers flights to Canada. 

With their extensive network, you can find connections to major Canadian cities, allowing for easy travel arrangements.

Partner Airlines

Southwest Airlines has partnerships with international carriers. This means they have code-share agreements or interline agreements that allow customers to book connecting flights to Canada. 

These agreements enable customers to fly on multiple airlines using a single ticket.  

So, even though you won’t be flying on a Southwest Airlines plane the entire way, you can still book your journey with them and connect to a partner airline for your Canadian destination.


Currently, Southwest Airlines does not offer direct flights to Canada. However, there are many alternative airlines to Canada. 

Partner airlines and U.S. Airlines like Air Canada, and Delta Air Lines, are excellent alternatives to make your dream trip to Canada a reality.

Always compare different airlines, their flight schedules, and fares to find the best option that suits your budget.

For up-to-date information on routes, schedules, and any other travel requirements, always remember to check with the airline. Safe travels.

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