How Do I Choose My Seat on Southwest Airlines?

How do I Choose My Seat on Southwest Airlines?

Are you planning a delightful journey with Southwest Airlines but wondering, How do I choose my seat on Southwest Airlines? You’re in luck because the iconic southwest airlines have put in place a seating arrangement to make you comfortable throughout your travel.

How do I Choose My Seat on Southwest Airlines?


With Southwest’s unique open seating policy, passengers get to choose from a wide array of available seats once they board the plane. 

Let’s take a look at how to secure the best seat on Southwest Airlines, ensuring your travel experience is nothing short of exceptional.

How Do I Choose My Seat on Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines has made it quite easy for passengers to make their choice of seat. Below are tips on how to choose seats on southwest airlines:

Arrive Early for Better Options 

The early bird catches the best seat. Arriving early for boarding provides more choices and increases the likelihood of snagging your preferred spot.

Research the Plane Configuration 

Southwest operates different versions of the Boeing 737, each with its unique seating layout. Get acquainted with the plane’s configuration to identify desirable seats in advance. 

For extra legroom, consider bulkhead seats (row 1).

Consider Your Preferences 

Personal preferences matter. Decide what suits you best before selecting a seat. Window seats for breathtaking views or aisle seats for easy restroom access.

Traveling with Companions

If you’re flying with friends or family and wish to sit together, early boarding is key. Alternatively, explore options like purchasing a Business Select fare or upgrading your boarding pass for adjacent seating.

Use SeatGuru for Seat Reviews

SeatGuru, a helpful resource, offers seat reviews for various airlines, including Southwest. Check SeatGuru for highly recommended seats and those to avoid.


Southwest Airlines Seat Selection Policy

With Southwest Airlines, each passenger is assigned a boarding position, represented by a letter (A to C) and a number (1 to 60). 

Boarding occurs in this precise order, making it advantageous to aim for an “A” group position for optimal seat selection. 

The airline encourages passengers to use their official website or app for check-in, refraining from third-party apps.

Southwest Seating Options

Southwest Airlines caters to diverse passenger needs with its seating options, including:

1. Wanna Get Away: The economy fares with a standard seat and two free checked bags.

2. Business Select A fare with priority boarding, extra Rapid Rewards points, and a premium drink onboard.

3. Economy: Offering a standard seat and one free checked bag.

Remember, while our tips can assist in making informed choices, seat availability, especially during peak travel times, is subject to change. Stay flexible and open to different seating possibilities.

Final Note

Selecting the best seat on Southwest Airlines involves thoughtful planning and research. Embrace the excitement of early arrival, conduct thorough research, and factor in your preferences. 

Utilize valuable resources like SeatGuru to make the most informed decision. 

Whether you opt for Wanna Get Away, Business Select, or Economy fare, embark on a sensational journey with Southwest Airlines. The perfect seat awaits you.

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