Is Amex Concierge Better Than Chase Concierge Service?

Is Amex Concierge Better Than Chase Concierge Service?

A majority of people have been asking, “Is Amex concierge better than Chase concierge?” Premium credit card holders get access to premium advantages. Trip-delay insurance, travel credits, and concierge services are examples of these.

For the uninitiated, these concierge services can assist you with meal reservations, city guides, performance tickets, and other services.

Both American Express and Chase provide concierge services, albeit they are not identical. Let’s look at the distinctions between them so you can pick which is ideal for you.

What is a Credit Card Concierge?

A credit card concierge is a service that is available to customers who have top-tier credit cards. These include cards like the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card and the American Express Platinum Card.

Both organizations boast that their concierges are available 24 hours a day and can assist you with a variety of tasks both at home and on the road. 

Many premium credit card customers have access to concierge services. This is a personalized “white glove” service that assists cardholders with purchases, restaurant reservations, concert tickets, and finding the best tour guide while on vacation.

In addition, a concierge can assist with any reasonable request to suit personal requirements or desires while at home.

Concierges have minimal restrictions on the kinds of requests they can handle. A good concierge can handle pet-sitting arrangements, flower and gift delivery, and personal shopping.

Cardholders can also get suggestions for museums and tourist attractions.

Concierge While You Travel

A live, personalized trip guide is among the most practical applications of concierge services.

Sometimes the best travel arrangements come from merely discussing ideas with an objective, knowledgeable observer.

Cardholders can request advice on worthwhile locations to visit or nearby restaurants to try. A concierge who is well familiar with the cardholder’s location can add that priceless personal touch that can make all the difference in a trip’s success.

What Does Chase Concierge Offer?

Visa concierge services are available on Chase’s top-tier credit cards. Chase advertises 24/7 availability to help with travel, eating, and entertainment requests on Visa Infinite cards.

This bonus is available on both of Chase’s popular Sapphire cards, the Chase Sapphire Reserve and the Chase Sapphire Preferred.

You must dial the Visa Infinite concierge’s phone number in order to speak with them. You can call the concierge service in the United States by dialing 1-877-660-0905. To reach us from outside the United States, dial 1-312-800-4290.

Chase also offers Visa Signature cards with concierge services, such as the Chase Freedom card.

Using the Chase Concierge Sapphire Service

The Chase Concierge services available on the Chase Sapphire Reserve and other cards provide access to Visa concierge services.

As a result, you will receive the same service that Visa Signature cardholders receive, which is accessible 24/7 to assist you with your trip plans and itinerary planning.

You can contact the service by phone, email, or the Visa website, and Visa will respond to your request within 24 to 48 hours.

  • Use the Visa Signature Concierge Service to identify and book the best hotels for your business or pleasure vacations. You will also be assisted in arranging transportation to and from the airport as well as booking flights.
  • Chase Sapphire credit cards have concierge services that can assist you in locating and booking the best restaurant reservations and eating options, whether you are at home or on vacation.
  • You will be able to use the concierge service to buy tickets and VIP packages for music, sports, and other entertainment events in your home city or when traveling across the world.
  • Concierge Personal Assistant Concierge services, which are offered on Visa Infinite cards, provide a greater degree of service. The Visa Infinite concierge service will assist you in locating hard-to-find things in your area, as well as arranging for wine, flowers, and gift delivery.

What Does Amex Concierge Offer?

On paper, Amex has a more robust concierge service experience. You can call them for food, travel, performance tickets, transportation needs, pet care, and even assistance in the event of a medical emergency.

American Express also offers the Premium Global Assist Hotline, which offers a wide range of travel-related assistance and services. 

By calling the hotline, you can request an emergency wire transfer, a medical evacuation, weather updates, have your missing luggage monitored, and aid in obtaining a new passport.

American Express’s concierge service can be reached in a variety of ways. To contact them, open the American Express app, go to the account page, then scroll down to “Contact Us.”

Clicking “Chat With Us” will start an automated system that can manage dining and travel reservations, though you may be transferred to a human assistant if necessary.

Amex Platinum cardholders can also contact a concierge by dialing 1-800-525-3355.

There are several American Express cards that provide concierge service, including The Platinum Card from American Express, the Hilton Honors American Express Aspire Card, The Business Platinum Card from American Express, the Delta SkyMiles Reserve American Express Card, and the Centurion Card (and its business version).

How Does Amex Concierge Work?

An Amex Platinum card will provide you with free concierge service, but any charges or purchases made through the service will be charged to your card.

Platinum concierge service is also available with certain premium co-branded Amex cards, such as the Delta SkyMiles Reserve card.

If you have an Amex Centurion card (also known as an Amex Black Card), you will have access to a personalized service from an allocated representative who will act as your personal assistant while you are traveling and will go to great lengths to ensure that your every request is met.

To utilize the service, simply dial the phone number on the back of your card and request a concierge; you will then be routed to the third-party service.

Here are some of the services available with Amex Concierge Platinum:

  • To assist you with travel, hotel, restaurant, and transportation arrangements anywhere in the globe. You will also have access to information about local events and assistance in making reservations at tourist attractions and venues.
  • Concierge Services in Hotels. A crucial component of what Amex Concierge can do is make hotel reservations for you while you’re on the road. Every facet of your business or leisure vacation, from researching and booking the best local hotels to arranging transportation from the airport and making reservations at neighboring eateries, may be managed.
  • Emergency Medical Services. If you get sick while traveling, the Amex Concierge Platinum service will help you handle admissions to local hospitals, make doctor’s appointments, and file health insurance claims.
  • Concierge Services in General. Even when you are not traveling, you will have access to specialized services to help you manage your day-to-day life. However, there is a monthly retainer fee associated with this service.
  • Concierge Shopping Services. Whether you are traveling abroad or at home, you may find that shopping is a time-consuming chore that you would prefer to delegate to a professional! A shopping concierge will act as your personal shopper, assisting you in developing a beautiful and useful wardrobe.

How Does Amex Concierge Fit Their Customers?

They often personalize their concierge service to their customers’ demands. They end up helping with a wide range of concerns. Amex will also answer practically any query.

The services given are free of charge. For American Express cardholders, it comes with automatic membership at the highest level.

Concierge Hold times

To begin, the table below illustrates how long it took to reach each concierge, from the time you dialed the phone number to the time your account was authorized and you spoke with a live human.

You can also contact the Amex Platinum concierge through the Amex app or via email. While this is excellent for simple requests such as meal bookings, you need to speak with a human for a more complex need.

CardHold time
Amex Platinum (Platinum Card Concierge)14 minutes
Chase Sapphire Reserve (Visa Infinite Concierge)2 minutes
Citi Prestige (Citi Concierge)21 minutes

Since none of the concierge services would immediately satisfy your needs (which is to be expected), the differences will begin to stand out in how long it will take them to follow up.

The response from Visa Infinite Concierge is split into two sections. One email contained details on where you could store your bags and how to get around, while a second email contained a more comprehensive city tour.

CardEmail No. 1 wait timeEmail No. 2 wait time
Amex Platinum (Platinum Card Concierge)5 daysN/A
Chase Sapphire Reserve (Visa Infinite Concierge)1 day (25 hours)9 days
Citi Prestige (Citi Concierge)9 daysN/A

So, is Amex Concierge Better than Chase Concierge?

When all is said and done, picking a winner is truly difficult. Although American Express appears to be the clear winner, this does not preclude you from considering Chase.

They can both help with certain concerns that may not be covered by the other card.

As a result, having concierge services with both card providers can be advantageous. If you had to choose between the two, American Express is definitely your best bet.

It all comes down to the types of things you intend to utilize the service for, as well as your own personal requirements.

Concierge Reviews

In the realm of reviews, Chase’s concierge services have held their own against American Express.

Speed of Response

When comparing these services, time is a big factor – how quickly they pick up the phone and how soon they get back to customers.

In a review, it was found that reaching an American Express concierge took seven hours, which somewhat dampened the positive experience.

Interestingly, the review also revealed that American Express had a quicker turnaround time – providing three recommendations in just 24 hours. In contrast, Chase took 72 hours to give four recommendations.

This time difference could be influenced by various factors, like the time of day and how busy the service is. After all, concierge services tend to be busier during holidays and peak travel periods.


The swifter response from American Express might be due to them serving a smaller clientele. While Chase offers concierge services with many of its cards, American Express provides them on only a handful of its premium cards, which come with higher annual fees.


After conducting an extensive study on both American Express (Amex) concierge and Chase concierge, we discovered that both organizations are great at providing services to cardholders.

When comparing the two, Amex appears to be slightly superior to its competitor.

Customer service is one of Amex’s strong points. Customers frequently give Amex high marks for the warmth and helpfulness of the concierge staff. Another area in which Amex excels is its breadth of offerings.

Cardholders may get everything from restaurant reservations to event tickets, all with the kind of personalization that Chase doesn’t always appear to be able to supply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is American Express better than Chase?

When moving to partners, Chase and AmEx points are roughly equivalent. 

What does Chase Concierge do?

They can assist you in making restaurant or event bookings, locating hard-to-find things, or simply answering general inquiries about the area.

What is the concierge service charge for American Express?

Concierge is a free service for qualifying Card Members. Our Lifestyle concierges are knowledgeable about what matters to you and can help you find the best restaurants or purchase tickets to upcoming events.

Should I switch from Amex to Chase?

Earning more than double the value on dining and grocery purchases is a game changer, and the Amex Gold card comes with a slew of extra perks. The Chase Sapphire Preferred card, on the other hand, features a reduced annual fee, superior travel insurance, and the option to earn 5x points on Lyft purchases.

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