What is the Cancellation Policy for Southwest Airlines?

What is the Cancellation Policy for Southwest Airlines?

Are you considering booking a flight with Southwest Airlines but concerned about their cancellation policy? Fear not. Read on for all the details you need to know about the cancellation policy for Southwest Airlines.

What is the Cancellation Policy for Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines shines like a beacon in the airline industry when it comes to flexibility and customer satisfaction. 

Their cancellation policy is thoughtfully designed to offer you the utmost convenience and peace of mind. 

The flexibility offered by their cancellation policy empowers you to make decisions that align with your changing plans without the added stress of penalties.

What is the Cancellation Policy for Southwest Airlines?

Let’s start with some good news. The cancellation policy of Southwest Airlines is very flexible.

You may cancel any ticket within 24 hours of booking and receive a full refund, including non-refundable Wanna Get Away tickets, in accordance with Southwest’s 24-hour cancellation policy. 

The Southwest.com website, the app, or the phone can all be used to cancel the reservation. 

The value of your ticket may be converted into travel funds for use on upcoming trips, or you may choose to obtain a refund in your original form of payment. 

Cancellation Policy for Companion Pass and Gift Cards

Using a companion pass or gift card, Southwest has a strict cancellation policy. 

You can cancel both Companion Pass rates and tickets bought with Gift Cards under Southwest Airlines’ cancellation policy, which is outlined in the section below.

Companion Pass

You are able to cancel a Companion Pass fare under Southwest’s cancellation policy. Any taxes you paid will be reimbursed to your original method of payment after you cancel. 

Gift Cards

Tickets that are bought using gift cards are not refundable, according to Southwest Airlines‘ policy on ticket cancellations. Compared to tickets purchased with cash or points, they are subject to different rules.

Your canceled ticket’s value will be converted into reusable travel funds for future use under the terms of Southwest’s cancellation policy for tickets bought using Gift Cards. 

Usually, travel funds have a 12-month expiration date. The earlier expiration date will nonetheless be applicable if you bought your ticket using a different method of payment. 

Twenty-four hours before departure, you must contact Customer Relations to fully or partially cancel your gift card-purchased ticket.

Canceling Anytime, and Business Select Fares

Business Select and Anytime are more expensive but refundable.

As long as you do it at least ten minutes prior to departure, Southwest Airlines’ cancellation policy allows you to cancel any Anytime, Business Select, or Senior tickets and get a full refund in the original form the payment was made.

Both cash and Rapid Rewards points can be used to purchase tickets. 

The value of your ticket will be changed into travel money if you fail to cancel a flight on a Southwest Airlines Anytime, Business Select, or Senior ticket at least 10 minutes before to takeoff. 


Canceling Wanna Get Away Tickets

In accordance with the cancellation policy for Southwest Airlines, wanna Get Away tickets are reusable but not refundable

A Wanna Get Away ticket from Southwest can be canceled (and used again later) up to 10 minutes before takeoff. 

You have one year from the ticket’s purchase date (buy date, not flight date) to spend your trip money after you cancel your ticket. 

Within a year after the initial purchase date, the travel funds must be used. All of your points will be put back into your account if you paid for your ticket using Rapid Rewards points

Instead, you can put it to use again for upcoming journeys. However, you must do so at least 10 minutes before to the scheduled departure time of your flight if you wish to cancel.

Additionally, within 24 hours of booking, you have the option to revoke a ticket that you partially or fully paid for with a Southwest Gift Card or a LUV Voucher. 

However, you are only able to cancel such tickets by calling Southwest Customer Relations on1-855-234-4654.

Final Note

The cancellation policy for Southwest Airlines stands out as one of the most flexible and customer-friendly in the industry.

You have the freedom to cancel your flight without any fees up to 10 minutes before departure, and you’ll receive a flight credit for future use.

Should Southwest Airlines cancel your flight, they’ll provide options for rebooking or issuing a refund.

With Southwest Airlines, you can book your flight with utmost confidence, knowing you have the flexibility to adapt your plans if needed. So, go ahead and fly with Southwest Airlines, where your peace of mind comes first.

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