How Many Pounds are Allowed on Southwest Airlines?

How many Pounds allowed on Southwest Airlines?

For travelers planning a trip with Southwest Airlines, understanding the checked baggage allowance is essential to ensure a smooth journey. Knowing how many pounds are allowed on Southwest Airlines not only helps you pack efficiently but also saves you from potential additional fees. 

How many Pounds allowed on Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines has a generous baggage policy that allows passengers to travel with both checked and carry-on bags. 

Get ready to discover the checked baggage allowance of Southwest Airlines, providing you with all the information you need to pack with precision.

How Many Pounds are Allowed on Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines takes pride in providing a straightforward and generous checked baggage policy, making it easier for travelers to bring what they need without the hassle of complicated rules. 

To ensure compliance with their guidelines, it’s crucial to understand the number of pounds allowed on Southwest Airlines. restrictions for each type of luggage 

Each passenger on Southwest Airlines is allowed to check up to two bags. The weight limit for each bag both for business select fare, anytime fare, and economy fare should not exceed 50 pounds (22.7 kilograms). 

Unlike many other airlines, Southwest Airlines does not charge a standard fee for the first two checked bags. 

The checked baggage allowance is included in the ticket price, providing added value for passengers. 

However, it’s important to note that certain fare types, such as “Wanna Get Away,” may have different baggage policies, so be sure to review your fare details before traveling.

Whether you’re traveling for a weekend getaway or an extended vacation, this generous weight allowance ensures you can pack without worry.

It’s important to note that overweight bags exceeding the 50-pound limit will incur additional charges. 

Southwest Airlines charges an excess weight fee for bags weighing between 51 and 100 pounds (23.13 – 45.36 kilograms) and restricts bags weighing over 100 pounds (45.36 kilograms) from being accepted.  

It’s essential to keep your bags within the specified weight limit to avoid incurring these additional charges.


Packing Tips

To make the most of your baggage allowance and avoid any issues, consider the following packing tips:

1. Weigh your bags: Use a luggage scale to ensure your checked bags meet the weight restrictions before arriving at the airport.

2. Distribute weight: Distribute the weight evenly among your bags to prevent exceeding the weight limit for any single bag.

3. Pack strategically: Optimize your packing by selecting lightweight clothing and minimizing non-essential items.


Understanding Southwest Airlines‘ checked baggage allowance is crucial for any traveler to ensure a seamless and stress-free journey. 

With the convenience of two free checked bags per passenger and a weight limit of 50 pounds per bag, you can pack confidently for your upcoming adventure. 

By adhering to the size and weight guidelines, you can avoid additional fees and focus on enjoying your flight experience with Southwest Airlines. 

So, pack smartly, travel light, and embark on your journey with peace of mind.

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